At Buck & Hare we are creating a lifestyle brand that grows with us all and becomes an old friend, a life long partner and a favourite you reach for when you need inspired or comforted.

Beautiful Things

Style & Quality

We are proud that all of our designs are developed with you in mind. We take our original concepts and use social media and word of mouth to help develop each item into something that you tell us you really want to own.

Once you choose one of our garments to call your own we offer a further opportunity to take the design one step further to personalise your choice to make it truly unique. 

By using five core fabrics, six complimenting lining and back panel materials along with a slew of buttons, threads and specific pockets for iPhones or other devices there are more than fifty variations of garments if you wish to create something yourself. 

100% Handmade

At Buck & Hare we are strongly supporting Scottish suppliers and manufacturers whenever we can. We are positioning ourselves to help maintain associated trades in Scotland and help develop new talents coming through the industry.

We are also actively developing new collaborative relationships with designers that we find online and through personal recommendations. We love to hear your ideas and see new designs that we can incorporate on our products.

Everyone needs a voice and has at least one great idea, thats why we want you involved.

We are also bringing a select range of lifestyle and clothing accessories to compliment our range of clothing. We are delighted to bring you braces to keep your breeks up, watches to keep you on time and even mugs to bring a little Buck & Hare to your kitchen table.

We hope you'll enjoy the life style as much as we do.

Welcome aboard!



I am so excited to see the feedback that we get when we ask you what you want via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We do listen and it does help us shape the designs and products to ultimately give you what you want and that makes us happy
— Emma, Buck & Hare

We know that we can't keep still and have to innovate to keep you interested in our brand we are always looking at ways to develop, we want to bring to you items such as, watches & accessories, bags, belts and braces.

We will even be bringing you items for the home, throws, cushions and mugs.

We do want you to help us build the brand, tell us what you want, what you think is missing from your wardrobe or lifestyle and if we can, we'll bring it to the market with a little bit of you.