Thanks to you all for helping us get to where we are........

It feels like that this has been such a long time coming, a really exciting time for us and at last we have made that final leap of faith and we have flipped the switch for the store, finally putting our handmade tweed waistcoats out in the wild.

We've already seen some of our pre-order customers out rocking it in their new threads recently and we've have had some really great feedback on the quality of the materials and workmanship to create it, we aim to please! Its also great to hear that our customers friends think they look amazing in their new waistcoats, it must be that flattering pattern on the back, it'll take years off you!

You might wonder why we put the store up on a Saturday and a week before pay day? Its to allow ourselves some comfort in getting any I.T. creases ironed out, pardon the pun. We've done our best to test the store behind the scenes but the true way to get feedback is when you guys are using it. From our experience its all working as it should.

When you use the store for your waistcoat purchase you should find it really simple to navigate. We've set it up so that all you have to do is choose a colour, choose a size in regular or long and then decide which buttons you want, thats all in the standard price. If you wish to add an iPhone or Samsung pocket just add it to your shopping basket and choose the left or right hand side. If you want to add a custom colour back panel its the same process, just add this item to your shopping basket and select the colour you want.

If you have any questions regarding sizing then just drop us an e-mail, its basically the same as your normal suit or jacket sizing, measure around your chest at nipple level, for a tighter fit pull the tape tight and for a normal fit just measure as you would for a jacket, remember if you take a long length jacket you will no doubt take a long in our waistcoat.

Thats it, pretty simple. Thanks for coming this far with us and we hope you'll stay for the other items we have in the pipeline. The obvious one launching soon is the ladies tuxedo Harris Tweed jacket. There are a couple of things you've only seen a snippet of so far, the ladies waistcoat, theres something special in that and theres our mens jacket, we said No! hell no! to the traditional boxy cut of Harris Tweed and we've come up with something special that we think you'll love! And of course our coral pink dress for the girls!

Thanks again for joining us and being part of our 'journey' and telling us 'how you want it', it really does help us give you what you want! Have this tune on us, enjoy your weekend!

Its been a busy time

Buck & Hare, what can we say?

Its been a busy few months and we know there will be many more to come as well.

We have been busy developing the ethos behind the brand, the products, fine tuning logos, getting websites to a state that they can be turned on and released to the public and we are nearly there!

We are working hard to get our key products ready for launch and photographed to display on the online store so that you can get your hands on Buck & Hare soon.

We want to thank everyone who has joined us so far in what we believe will be a grand adventure.