Its Friday and I feel fine.....

We had a really successful day at St Conans Kirk on Thursday shooting some footage to showcase our mens Harris Tweed waistcoats and some dandy neck ties with Aesthetica Photography, we'll put up a gallery of all the images soon but in the meantime heres a little sneak peek.....

Danny Scrimshaw in the Buck & Hare Harris Tweed waistcoat at St Conans Kirk, Loch Awe

Its getting close

Big news, this week we have been given formal approval from St Conans Kirk to use the space for our first photoshoot which is happening next week.

In our bid to build a community we decided to take the money we would have spent on a studio and donate that to the maintenance fund for St Conans Kirk, we want to build a relationship with the owners and our plan is to use the space as the back drop for all of our launch items, we think its a great space and by choosing this approach we can give something back. We plan on using the chancel space as one of the main settings, its an amazing looking space.

The chancel

This is a really exciting time for us, we have wonderful Mr Danny Scrimshaw onboard to model the clothes, Aesthetica Photography are doing the shoot for us and if Danny requires a little touch up Sharon Stephen Make Up will be on hand to oblige ( that sounds so wrong, I'm sure Danny will be untouched! )

We have also decided on adopting a dangerous critter for a new T-shirt print, the elusive Jackolope that embodies the soul of Buck & Hare. From small beginnings comes our hero.....

From innocence grows awesome.

From innocence grows awesome.

The Buck & Hare Jackolope

The Buck & Hare Jackolope

We are also working hard to get our online store up and running so that you can get your hands on some Buck & Hare, t-shirts for men, women and children will be online, our gorgeous pashmenas ( think very cool summer scarf ) we are finishing up the baby grow design and we even have something for your puppy too! 

The tweed ranges are coming on nicely as well, the mens tweed jacket is shaping up to be amazing with some really nice detailing to make it a little different and just like the waistcoat there will be an element of client customisation available.

Theres so much to share but all in good time. We can't wait to meet the bigger community that is blossoming through the #Scotstreetstyle movement, we'll be at The Gathering and look forward to seeing all of you.

Choosing the right time......

So after a lot of consideration and taking on board the opinion of all our bucks and hares we have chosen the pocket watch below to headline the accessory range.

We're now working hard to bring this to you at a price point that doesn't make it an unachievable luxury item. We want to offer this with our logo engraved on one side internally and on the other we want to offer you the option to have it engraved by us, for you before you get it, or you can order it blank and do it yourself later. Tell us what you think, is this the one you want. do you want us to engrave any of it, or would you like a blank canvas.

Leave a comment let us know.