August, what a month

So August has almost been and gone, its flown past in the blink of an eye.

That's maybe as we've been busy finishing and detailing patterns, running samples and finalising designs for some of our new items as well as firming up on production of some things that we have ready for manufacture, perfect little stocking fillers for Christmas, yep we used the 'c' word but its coming and it'll be here before you know it.

A perfect gift for the man in your life would be one of the many items from our range, whether its a waistcoat made to measure or one of our relaxing casual raglan sweatshirts or any item from our ethical cotton t shirt range. Speaking of which....

We spent some time in the woods recently to get some feel good lifestyle images for the brand. We're keen to get away from the too cool for school look for our casual wear and here's a small sample of what we got, what do you  think? We'll be pushing images out on Instagram and Facebook over the next few days.

Its a Wednesday Winner !!

Quick update for all of you, the online store is now live!! We have a select range of items online just now to make sure we don't flood ourselves with any potential first week teething problems.

All payments can be made securely online via the integrated Stripe payment service so you don't have to worry about the security around your transaction.

As the store is only just live please don't be shy in leaving comments when you place your order. 

We are still in the process of checking the spelling and grammar in our detailed T&C's and Privacy policies but that'll be up on the site as soon as we are happy with it. If you have any questions regarding the content of the drafts please ask and we'll post an open reply on the blog.

Happy Shopping and thanks for staying with us.

Its Friday and I feel fine.....

We had a really successful day at St Conans Kirk on Thursday shooting some footage to showcase our mens Harris Tweed waistcoats and some dandy neck ties with Aesthetica Photography, we'll put up a gallery of all the images soon but in the meantime heres a little sneak peek.....

Danny Scrimshaw in the Buck & Hare Harris Tweed waistcoat at St Conans Kirk, Loch Awe

Hello Monday, you are awesome!

We hope you're having a great start to your week, we know we are!

We're looking forward to our big day out and our little photo shoot on Thursday at the 'kirk'

We wish we could raise the roof with some tunes during the shoot but I don't think we'll be allowed but as Ian says, 'Seek forgiveness, not permission!' so we just might have a go and if we do we might try a little bit of this ....... we think its awesome, we hope you do too, turn it up!

A brief glimpse of summer

We had a small trip up to Glencoe to find some new ideas for places to shoot the tweeds that we will be launching soon. This little overnight camping trip took us to the wonderful Invercoe Camp site which has a fantastic location and is worth a visit, just be prepared for the midges if there's no breeze.

There's decent food and live music to be had at The Gathering a newly refurbished bar nearby and part of the Glencoe Inn.

We also managed to get a couple of unplanned shots of the ladies T shirt at the nearby lochan that is a very picturesque setting and a pleasant little walk for a Sunday morning.


Choosing the right time......

So after a lot of consideration and taking on board the opinion of all our bucks and hares we have chosen the pocket watch below to headline the accessory range.

We're now working hard to bring this to you at a price point that doesn't make it an unachievable luxury item. We want to offer this with our logo engraved on one side internally and on the other we want to offer you the option to have it engraved by us, for you before you get it, or you can order it blank and do it yourself later. Tell us what you think, is this the one you want. do you want us to engrave any of it, or would you like a blank canvas.

Leave a comment let us know.