An exciting collaboration ahead.......

Its not often you come across products and designers that you mesh with, but when you do its a wonderful thing to have the opportunity create something new together.

We feel this way about Shona Guthrie and her fine jewellery pieces. Shona is an artist with a delicate eye for detail and a wealth of technical skill to realise her vision. We fell in love with the pieces that are influenced by nature as we feel they are a fantastic compliment to the natural beauty of the Harris Tweed we use in our garments at the moment.

We are delighted to let you know that Shona's work will soon be available to buy on our website and even more excited that we are working together to bring you something special to compliment that dandy look that you have all been nurturing so well.

We are aiming to have another chapter to our story online very soon and available in our store later this week so stay tuned. In the meantime here are some key pieces from Shona that take their inspiration from Cherry wood, these will be available later this week with more details in the new store jewellery pages when they go live.

New stock coming soon....

Hey there Bucks and Hares, we have new stock coming to the site soon!

Some perfect little early seasonal gifts, new cotton garments and we're getting close to releasing the mens jacket and ladies waistcoat. 

Watch this space and remember at checkout the Jackalope is your best friend!

Living with Harris Tweed

I thought I would give you a little hands on update of living with some Harris Tweed. I've had this waistcoat for around five months now and its done a couple of things.

Firstly it shattered my preconception about Harris Tweed being an itchy unforgiving fabric thats worn once and then relegated to the back of the wardrobe only to be brought back out when the cat needs a new scratching post!

The quality of the Harris Tweed is wonderful, luxuriously soft, the cut of the fabric and the pattern thats been developed work very well to provide a truly comfortable garment, one which I have probably worn too much!

That brings me to my second point. The Harris Tweed wears incredibly well! I throw this on to head out on any occasion whether smartly dressed for a night out or dressed down to go to the supermarket, its been abused by car seat belts, Barbour Jackets and an overly heavy shoulder strap from an overloaded Billingham bag and its keeping its shape really well. Not to get too technical theres not been any bobbling of the material either!

You get what you pay for gets thrown about so much these days, generally right after something has just fallen apart or let you down. I feel that the Harris Tweed highlights the opposite end of the spectrum, sure there are cheaper 'tweeds'  and there are other 'tweeds' that have larger colour ranges and can be delivered in 7 days but what they lack is soul. The heritage and the outstanding quality of the materials that we have sourced from Harris, means we are confident that our garments give you something unique that will get better with age and develop character as you wear them.

I for one cannot wait until we get the mens jacket into production to truly highlight the diversity and quality of Harris Tweed and Buck & Hares design and manufacture team.

Exciting times indeed!

Its a Wednesday Winner !!

Quick update for all of you, the online store is now live!! We have a select range of items online just now to make sure we don't flood ourselves with any potential first week teething problems.

All payments can be made securely online via the integrated Stripe payment service so you don't have to worry about the security around your transaction.

As the store is only just live please don't be shy in leaving comments when you place your order. 

We are still in the process of checking the spelling and grammar in our detailed T&C's and Privacy policies but that'll be up on the site as soon as we are happy with it. If you have any questions regarding the content of the drafts please ask and we'll post an open reply on the blog.

Happy Shopping and thanks for staying with us.

Its Friday and I feel fine.....

We had a really successful day at St Conans Kirk on Thursday shooting some footage to showcase our mens Harris Tweed waistcoats and some dandy neck ties with Aesthetica Photography, we'll put up a gallery of all the images soon but in the meantime heres a little sneak peek.....

Danny Scrimshaw in the Buck & Hare Harris Tweed waistcoat at St Conans Kirk, Loch Awe

Its gaining momentum........ We are given to fly.

You may have seen from our instagram feed that we made a bit of a bold move and changed our suppliers at the eleventh hour. We've done this to ensure that we are an ethnical brand that you can trust and rely on.

We have made the move in small numbers at the start so that we don't have to pass on an unnecessary price increase to you our customers, this has meant there may be a slightly limited stock in the range that we will have for the first few weeks. We will be taking pre-orders, no deposit required and that will help you get what you want as soon as it drops in our store. Drop us an e-mail and we can send you an image and details on sizing and early bird price list.

We will have Small, Medium and Large in these items:

  1. Womens tunic vest - white
  2. Mens unisex t-shirt - melange grey
  3. Mens unisex t-shirt - ecru
  4. Womens rolled sleeve t-shirt - melange grey
  5. Mens V neck t-shirt - melange grey
  6. Mens raglan sweatshirt - dark heather 
  7. Womens raglan sweatshirt - dark heather 
  8. Mens rolled sleeve t-shirt - white

All will have the distressed brand logo:

The kiddies range has been confirmed and will also be available in the ethical fabrics, t-shirts, sweatshirts, all in ones and also super hero capes, or as adults call them bibs, worn the wrong way round! The pashmena will here soon as well with the Buck and Hare logo screen printed by hand in Scotland.

Thanks for sticking with us, stay awesome! Enjoy this sweet tune for your Saturday!

Its getting close

Big news, this week we have been given formal approval from St Conans Kirk to use the space for our first photoshoot which is happening next week.

In our bid to build a community we decided to take the money we would have spent on a studio and donate that to the maintenance fund for St Conans Kirk, we want to build a relationship with the owners and our plan is to use the space as the back drop for all of our launch items, we think its a great space and by choosing this approach we can give something back. We plan on using the chancel space as one of the main settings, its an amazing looking space.

The chancel

This is a really exciting time for us, we have wonderful Mr Danny Scrimshaw onboard to model the clothes, Aesthetica Photography are doing the shoot for us and if Danny requires a little touch up Sharon Stephen Make Up will be on hand to oblige ( that sounds so wrong, I'm sure Danny will be untouched! )

We have also decided on adopting a dangerous critter for a new T-shirt print, the elusive Jackolope that embodies the soul of Buck & Hare. From small beginnings comes our hero.....

From innocence grows awesome.

From innocence grows awesome.

The Buck & Hare Jackolope

The Buck & Hare Jackolope

We are also working hard to get our online store up and running so that you can get your hands on some Buck & Hare, t-shirts for men, women and children will be online, our gorgeous pashmenas ( think very cool summer scarf ) we are finishing up the baby grow design and we even have something for your puppy too! 

The tweed ranges are coming on nicely as well, the mens tweed jacket is shaping up to be amazing with some really nice detailing to make it a little different and just like the waistcoat there will be an element of client customisation available.

Theres so much to share but all in good time. We can't wait to meet the bigger community that is blossoming through the #Scotstreetstyle movement, we'll be at The Gathering and look forward to seeing all of you.

A brief glimpse of summer

We had a small trip up to Glencoe to find some new ideas for places to shoot the tweeds that we will be launching soon. This little overnight camping trip took us to the wonderful Invercoe Camp site which has a fantastic location and is worth a visit, just be prepared for the midges if there's no breeze.

There's decent food and live music to be had at The Gathering a newly refurbished bar nearby and part of the Glencoe Inn.

We also managed to get a couple of unplanned shots of the ladies T shirt at the nearby lochan that is a very picturesque setting and a pleasant little walk for a Sunday morning.


Choosing the right time......

So after a lot of consideration and taking on board the opinion of all our bucks and hares we have chosen the pocket watch below to headline the accessory range.

We're now working hard to bring this to you at a price point that doesn't make it an unachievable luxury item. We want to offer this with our logo engraved on one side internally and on the other we want to offer you the option to have it engraved by us, for you before you get it, or you can order it blank and do it yourself later. Tell us what you think, is this the one you want. do you want us to engrave any of it, or would you like a blank canvas.

Leave a comment let us know.